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GS902 GPRS Data Logger with GPS feature is a standalone data logger with GPRS modem and GPS module built-in.

It is designed with I/O connecting digital, analog sensors (e.g. temperature or level sensors) and pulse output devices. It reads data from devices, logs into internal memory and uploads to central station via SMS and GPRS.
  • GPRS Wireless & SMS Transmission & Data Logging
  • Upload Data via GPRS & SMS on schedule or alarm triggered
  • Programmable data logging and upload interval
  • Support Dynamic Domain Name or Fixed IP
  • Support UDP protocol data communication
  • Support sensors via analog, digital, pulse channels
  • Alert user or report data when analog level is high or low
  • Digital Alarm Input & Relay Output
  • 2MB Internal Logging Memory




Analog Channel
Pulse Channel
Digital Input

GPRS Data Logger
   * 2 x AD Channels

Temperature GPRS Data Logger
   * 1 x AD Channel, 1 x Temperature Sensor

GPRS Data Logger
   * 2 x AD Channels, 2 x Pulse Channels

4~20mA, 0~5VDC
max. 99999999 counters
Dry Contact Input
Digital Temperature Sensor -55 ~ 125 °C
0 ~ 99% RH
telemetry gs902


  • fire trucks management
  • fleet management of cold storage vehicles
  • temperature sensitive goods transportation and tracking
  • cold containers monitoring
  • records logging and tracking of temperature changes
  • oil tank monitoring for fleet management
  • water tank monitoring for fire trucks management
  • cold food transportation
  • location based environmental monitoring
  • mobile air pollution monitoring stations
  • medical material transportation monitoring and logging
GPS Ultimate Server Client Software * support Google Map
* Live & Historical Tracking
* Sensor Data Logginge
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