data logger server software  How the software works differently?
Ultimate Server Client Software
                                                        Net Client Software

          Net Client Software is bundled with only some data loggers free,
          It is designed for application of small scale solution:
               * less than 3 data loggers
               * less than 3 client users simultaneously
               * no need of database
               * preferably, Intranet with fixed IP
                   Ultimate Server                                         Ultimate Client   NET Client
Key Differences Ultimate Server Client Net Client
Number of Data Loggers supported 99999 2
Number of Client Users simultaneously 999 3
Local Data Storage Yes No
Database Access/MySQL/SQL/Oracle N.A.
SMS Data Yes No
Web Browsing Yes No
Simultaneous GPRS Data & Ethernet Data Yes No
Data Export Yes No
Split Screen Display 3x3, 2x2, 1x1 2x2, 1x1
HMI background picture 30 1
No. of Channels in Listing 99 4
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