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Ultimate Server Software keeps receiving data and tracking a number of data loggers simultaneously. It controls the privilege of each group of clients and data loggers, and designed for hosting company serving multi-accounts of users. Ultimate Client  is distributed to end users for data analysis, trending or presentation in graphics.

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  Receive Data



Uploaded from data logger via GPRS, SMS & Ethernet

Access / MySQL / SQL / Oracle
Management of database, alarms, data loggers, local users and remote clients

Support up to 99999 data loggers simultaneously
Support up to 999 remote client users simultaneously
Allows max. 99 groups of remote clients for hosting service

Real Time Health Status of server system and data loggers

system health status

Ultimate Server / Ultimate Client for Windows & iPad / Web Browsing

  • It allows some data loggers to be monitored or viewed by assigned client users
  • Suitable for hosting company to maintain one single server for a number of different users or accounts
  • Easy management of billing by hosting company
  • Fit for project management in a corporation
auto data recovery   Auto Database Recovery [Patent Pending]
  • Data may not be received when GSM network signal is lost
  • Those data is still logged in the data logger internal memory
  • Server will automatically retrieve those logged data back to its own database once GSM network signal resumes
  • Guaranteed 100% data integrity
  • Users do not need to worry and check when there is data loss during GSM network disconnection
  Redundant Database [Patent Pending]
  • Data will be saved into two independent databases simultaneously
  • Whenever one of them is corrupted, another database keeps intact.
  • Two databases can be installed in two locations physically for security
  • Guaranteed 100% data integrity
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